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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tar :)

haha. Dah lama gile x bukak Blog sendri. Been too busy looking at other peoples blog.
Its interesting to see how they overcome their problem, how they live their life .

I cant believe school is over. When i was in school, i have always wanted for the school to end fast, but now, i wish i could undo it all. Its BORING as hell . Yes, I am free. Yes , I get to do things without thinking about Physics all the time. But, celebrating what they call 'Merdeka!' is no fun when you don't have someone to share it with. Sharing is caring , thats what they say. haha.

The first week after school ended. It was AWESOME!! . My dorm mates and I slept over at my house to spend our last time together before each one of us choose our own path. We went to HUKM on the first day to send Ateng for his appointment , the rest of us went to Sunway Pyramid and played bowling there. Wafa's dream came true when we took pictures with his favorite dance crew called Wakaka Crew. S
ince his the head of his crew, i am sure they will be great Dance crew called the KurKur Crew .haha. Best of Luck Wafa!

The next day was the big event, we went to play Paintball. Since Shahrain was driving and Syafik were the one who showed him the way , we got lost . haha . Somehow, we got there in one piece , surprise surprise. Playing paintball was fun, my very own school captain, Chibom was shot by his own team member in the first game haha. Even though it hurts like hell when i got shot, but it was worth it. I hope we can still gather around like old times even if we are far apart now. Miss You guys. :)

TAR-ians 2010 . The Best.

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